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Houston Man Shot Mother to Death; Called Cops to Report Home Invasion after Taking Lives of Sister and Her Husband as well: Police

Houston Man Shot Mother to Death; Called Cops to Report Home Invasion after Taking Lives of Sister and Her Husband as well: Police

A man in Houston shot her mother dead. He then proceeded to kill his sister and her husband and later called the police.

The suspect claimed to Texas law enforcement that he acted in self-defense during a reported home invasion. However, officers swiftly discovered that the statement was false, as the individuals harmed were actually family members who were residing with the individual in question.

A press release stated that Bryan J. Fernandez Hernandez, 27, contacted Houston police around 3 p.m. on Saturday to report a home invasion at his residence on Hammerly Boulevard in the 10500 block.

According to the individual, he fired at the three individuals he believed to be intruders within his residence. Authorities discovered the lifeless bodies of two women and a man inside the premises.

During the investigation, detectives had a conversation with Hernandez, who confidently restated his account of the home invasion, asserting that he acted in self-defense when he fired at the three individuals.

However, after conducting a thorough investigation and gathering evidence from the scene, law enforcement officials discovered that there was no home invasion as initially reported. Instead, it was determined that the individual had tragically taken the lives of his mother, sister, and brother-in-law.

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Leonor Hernandez, a 65-year-old woman, resided with him in the house. According to the police, Karen Herrera, 43, and her husband, Thomas Kupriakov, 38, had been visiting for several days before the shooting incident.

Hernandez now faces three counts of capital murder as reported by Law&Crime.

“The home invasion incident, it’s false.” The suspect’s half-brother Carlos Flores informed local ABC affiliate KTRK that his mom, sister, and her husband were tragically executed in their apartment.

According to reports, Houston police had been called to the residence on two separate occasions since last year, both related to mental health concerns regarding Hernandez. He is currently being held at the Harris County Jail without the possibility of bond. The next court date has been set for July 24.

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