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Hot Chase Drug Bust made by Atlanta Police with 3 Arrests from Metro Drug Gang in Atlanta

Hot Chase Drug Bust made by Atlanta Police with 3 Arrests from Metro Drug Gang in Atlanta

Atlanta, GA: The Atlanta Police made a successful drug bust after they confiscated a large quantity of narcotics and arrested 3 individuals for their alleged involvement in the drug trade.

The deputies from the Atlanta Police Department also confiscated weapons from the alleged individuals. The bust was made after a chaotic chase.

According to investigators the drugs were already packed and were ready to be sold to consumers.

The Atlanta police have reportedly taken numerous individuals into custody.

According to Joey Hopkins, who was employed at the Greenbriar Mall, his supervisor abruptly instructed him to gaze outdoors.

Hopkins claimed to have witnessed the collision and the police car coming to a stop.

Georgia Police Busted Gang members that are involved in Drug Trafficking in State Prisons

The circumstances surrounding the pursuit and subsequent collision, however, are currently the focus of a criminal inquiry.

In the parking lot of an apartment building in Southwest Atlanta, undercover detectives discovered a known gang member last Thursday.

According to investigators, they quickly realized that their suspect, along with three others, might be involved in a large-scale narcotics trade.

On Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, at the West Ridge Shopping Center, police allegedly pursued the gang until they exited their vehicles and entered a clothes store.

They returned to the road a few minutes later, but they were stopped by the police. They persisted.

A pursuit continued along I-285, but it ended close to Greenbriar Mall.

Georgia Man Arrested in Columbus with Drugs after a Hot Chase Spanning Alabama to Mississippi

Two backpacks were discovered by authorities during their search of the suspects’ vehicles. Inside, they included two firearms, one of which had been stolen, as well as a large quantity of drugs, including crack cocaine and marijuana.

According to a DEA official, the suspects possessed around $48,000 worth of merchandise.

The identities of the arrested individuals are: Bernard Banks, Daquonta Hunter and Ronecia Hunter. All of them are facing federal felony charges.

According to detectives, Daquonta Hunter was on the run for aggravated assault and armed robbery before to this occurrence, which constituted a probation violation.

Aggravated assault on a police officer was one of several offenses for which Bernard Banks was wanted.

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