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Homeless Maniac Pushed Woman into Train in San Francisco; Woman Dead after Her Head Slammed into BART Train

Homeless Maniac Pushed Woman into Train in San Francisco; Woman Dead after Her Head Slammed into BART Train

A tragic incident occurred in California, resulting in the untimely death of a beloved aunt. Reports indicate that she was pushed into a moving train by a disturbed homeless individual. The aunt, known for her support in sending her nieces and nephews to college, will be deeply missed.

An elderly woman was at the Powell Street Station in San Francisco when she was reportedly pushed into an oncoming train by a suspect. The incident occurred late in the evening, according to BART police.

A tragic incident occurred as Corazon Dandan, the victim, suffered a head injury after colliding with the train and subsequently falling onto the platform.

Tragically, she was quickly transported to San Francisco General Hospital, where she ultimately passed away, according to transit authorities.

Dandan, a resident of San Mateo County, tragically lost her life while returning home from her job as a telephone operator at the Parc 55 hotel, according to her nephew who spoke to The San Francisco Standard.

A doctor in St. Louis, Alvin Dandan, shared that his aunt regularly commuted on the BART for work. He mentioned that his cousins had recently cautioned her about traveling on it during late hours.

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Corazon, who had gone through a divorce and did not have any children, chose to continue working long after the usual retirement age, even though financial necessity was not a factor, according to him.

Dandan arrived in San Francisco in the 1980s as an independent woman, coming from the Philippines.

Alvin mentioned that he had a conversation with his aunt via text messages before the unfortunate incident occurred.

BART officers apprehended Belmont, 49, within the train station shortly after the tragic incident. The suspect, also known as Hoak Taing, is described by the police as a “transient.”

Belmont was taken into custody and transported to San Francisco County Jail on Tuesday morning. The individual is currently in custody on suspicion of committing murder and causing harm to an elderly person, which may result in significant physical harm.

Investigators are still working to uncover the motive behind the crime, diligently interviewing witnesses and carefully examining surveillance footage.

The Post reported that the investigation is still in progress.

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