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Home-made Explosives found at a Cannabis shop in Tacoma

Home-made Explosives found at a Cannabis shop in Tacoma

Tacoma, WA: An “improvised explosive device” was discovered outside Craft Cannabis on Friday, prompting Tacoma Police to launch an investigation.

After being targeted with homemade explosives on March 15, Tacoma’s Craft Cannabis is appealing to the community for assistance.

Just over two years ago, the Tacoma store was launched by James Bean, who now runs three other pot shops in Wenatchee and Vancouver. However, each of these occurrences occurred during the last six weeks.

The grand reopening and completion of the store’s renovations took place six weeks ago.

According to Bean, none of his stores have ever dealt with something this serious. He is now hoping that those responsible will face consequences.

There was a handmade explosive in a duffel bag that was left outside the cannabis shop, according to Bean. The Tacoma Police Department has also verified the occurrence of the incident.

According to Bean, an employee later that day located a suspicious bag and contacted the authorities.

The bomb was obviously manufactured at home with the intention of damaging the building, according to Bean.

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A suspicious object prompted the Tacoma Police Department to respond to the store, according to the department. An “improvised explosive device” seemed to be the description given by the police.

After responding to the scene, an explosives disposal expert from the Tacoma Police Department checked the item and decided it was safe to remove.

The suspect fled to the rear of the store in an effort to inflict further damage, according to surveillance footage captured by Craft Cannabis, after removing the duffel bag from its location near the front.

They attached the fire starter to a flag that had been twice stolen in the previous month.

Some of the suspects’ faces were captured on camera during the banner thefts, but whether they are the same ones who left the bomb is still a mystery.

These three occurrences occurred during the six weeks following the store’s grand reopening following renovations. The persistently targeted sign promotes a 35% discount on all items.

The proprietor claims that several local dispensaries have contacted him to voice their dissatisfaction with this sign. On the day of the initial theft of the banner, he added, someone had called.

Now that Bean has his cameras set up, we can respond instantly if the same problem arises.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Tacoma Police Department.

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On top of that, Bean has stated that anyone who comes forward with information leading to an arrest would be eligible for a $10,000 cash reward.

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