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Hit-and-Run Incident in Indio took the life of a Bicyclist

Hit-and-Run Incident in Indio took the life of a Bicyclist

Indio, California: A hit-and-run incident occurred in Indio claiming the life of a bicycle rider on Thursday night.

The authorities are looking for the suspect. They urge the public to give any information they have regarding the incident.

The California Highway Patrol reports that at approximately 11:30 p.m., the man was riding a bike north in the 54000 block of Grapefruit Boulevard when he was hit by an unidentified car moving south.

The bicyclist was struck by a second car while still lying on the road after the driver fled the scene. After stopping, the second driver dialed 911 and reported the incident.

The victim, a Coachella resident of 54 years old, is still unidentified. The officials will share the required info regarding the case once the identity of the man is established and his relatives are informed of the accident.

As of right now, the car involved in the collision is unidentified.

Investigators can be reached at (760) 772-5300 if you have any information.

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