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High-Speed Car Chase Ended after BMW crashed in Gas Station in Miami

High-Speed Car Chase Ended after BMW crashed in Gas Station in Miami

Miami, FL: A man crashed a stolen BMW in a gas station in Miami. The alleged driver is in the custody of the police authorities.

A collision occurred at an Exxon station located at the intersection of North Miami Avenue and 79th Street.

According to WSVN, the crash resulted in substantial damage to both the car and the gas station.

At approximately 4:30 a.m., reports of a stolen vehicle sparked a chain of events that ended with a BMW crashing into a gas station after a chase.

After trying to flee on foot, the driver was apprehended a few blocks from the scene, as shown in video footage reported by WSVN. According to a witness, the man collided with the concrete barrier and appeared to be pushing the car before fleeing the scene.

Additional information reveals that the individual left the wrecked BMW and was captured in an alleyway, bringing the pursuit to a rapid end.

Miami authorities have been reluctant to disclose the man’s identity, yet they are encouraging witnesses to provide any information they may have to assist in the investigation.

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