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High School Dean was also a Street Gang Leader; Sent to Jail for Killing Man during Turf War over Drug Trafficking

High School Dean was also a Street Gang Leader; Sent to Jail for Killing Man during Turf War over Drug Trafficking

New York City, NY: A former dean at a New York City high school, who was also the leader of a violent street gang in the Bronx, has been sentenced to life in prison. This comes after he was found guilty of killing a man during a turf battle related to drug trafficking. Prosecutors have announced the sentencing.

Israel Garcia has been sentenced to life plus five years for the murder of Alfonso “Joey” McClinton in October 2010, according to Damian Williams, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. Less than a year after being found guilty on a range of charges including murder, narcotics, witness tampering, and weapon possession, Garcia, 33, has been sentenced.

“Israel Garcia, a former high school dean, has been sentenced to life in prison for the brutal murder of Joey McClinton,” said Williams.

Garcia, also known as “Shorty Rock,” was previously the leader of the Get Money Gunnaz, a faction of the larger Young Gunnaz street gang, according to prosecutors. Garcia was the leader of the group for over ten years, during which he had full control over the drug distribution in the East 184th Street and Morris Avenue area in Fordham Heights, as stated in court documents.

There were reports of armed individuals involved in intense gun battles with rival groups in the vicinity. Tragically, on Oct. 11, 2010, 21-year-old McClinton lost his life during one of the shootouts.

Shortly thereafter, Joseph “Juice” Johnson, a gang member, was apprehended and subsequently found guilty of the murder, according to prosecutors. However, further examination of ballistics and video evidence uncovered the involvement of another individual as the perpetrator behind McClinton’s tragic demise. After carefully examining the evidence and listening to witness testimony, it was concluded that Garcia was indeed the second shooter.

According to Williams, the gang led by Garcia had been engaged in a conflict with Joey McClinton’s family over control of drug territory in the Bronx. The killing played a significant role in establishing Garcia’s leadership and strengthening their control over drug trafficking in the area as reported by NBC New York.

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