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Heated Argument between Two Women turned Violent at Tennessee Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony; Huge Brawl caused Panic among Students and Parents

Heated Argument between Two Women turned Violent at Tennessee Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony; Huge Brawl caused Panic among Students and Parents

An incident occurred at Buckley Carpenter Elementary in Somerville, Tenn., on May 15, 2024, when a disagreement between two women in the crowd escalated into a violent altercation, according to police sources.

A video recorded during a Tennessee kindergarten graduation ceremony earlier this month shows a disturbing scene of adults and children engaging in a physical altercation.

Two adults, Tyeisha Humphreys and Kierra Smith, were involved in a physical altercation in the gymnasium bleachers, causing witnesses to scramble for safety.

In addition to the altercation in the bleachers, there were at least two individuals on the basketball court who engaged in a physical confrontation.

The outlet reported that Tyeisha Humphreys claimed she was attacked first, while Smith maintained that the brawl was started by her childhood acquaintance.

Law enforcement obtained security footage that reportedly showed Tyeisha Humphreys entering the gym and sitting directly behind Smith.

According to the outlet, Smith later decided to change seats and sat next to a father and his child.

According to investigators, Smith and the child engaged in a heated argument, resulting in the woman adopting an aggressive posture. This prompted Tyeisha Humphreys to swiftly descend the bleachers from several rows behind and unexpectedly strike Smith from behind, initiating the altercation.

Ronda Humphreys, the mother involved in the altercation, expressed to Fox 13 that she believes she was unjustly arrested. According to her, her son was elbowed in the head by an adult amidst the chaos.

Three individuals, including a man named Dantavious Gilchrease, along with a mother and daughter named Ronda and Tyeisha Humphreys, were apprehended after the chaotic incident at the graduation. The Gilchrease relationship with the Humphreys was kept hidden.

Gilchrease was apprehended near the school after reportedly making a threatening statement to Rhonda Humphreys, according to the outlet.

Tyeisha Humphreys faces charges for violating an order of protection, inciting a riot, and three counts of simple assault, according to the outlet.

Just a week prior, a graduating senior from Hamilton High School in Memphis, Tenn., flung his diploma at another student, sparking a brawl.

A fight reportedly broke out when a security guard noticed the senior making gang signs towards another student and escorted him out of his seat at the Cannon Center.

As he was being escorted out, the video captures the moment when the teen hurls his diploma towards the student he was reportedly exchanging gang signs with.

The student proceeded to leap over three rows of seats and pursue his assailant.

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