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He Killed His Grandfather, Concealed Body Under Mattress In Woods, Then Struck Deputy Trying To Place Spike Strip During High-Speed Chase: Sheriff

He Killed His Grandfather, Concealed Body Under Mattress In Woods, Then Struck Deputy Trying To Place Spike Strip During High-Speed Chase: Sheriff

Jackson, Mississippi: A 26-year-old man in Mississippi has been apprehended for the alleged murder of his 77-year-old grandfather. He is also accused of deliberately hitting a sheriff’s deputy while trying to escape in the elderly man’s vehicle.

Jalen Leverette was apprehended last week and is facing charges of capital murder in connection with the tragic death of C.L. Leverette.

Leverette is also being charged with two counts of attempted murder in connection with the alleged incident.

The incident occurred on Thursday, Feb. 1 in the Avera community, located approximately 125 miles southeast of Jackson.

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According to the station, deputies from the Green County Sheriff’s Office were called to the elder Leverette’s home on the afternoon of Feb. 1 to conduct a welfare check. Upon arriving at the scene, first responders came across Jalen Leverette on the property. According to reports, he apparently disregarded their instructions and swiftly drove away in his grandfather’s car. Authorities chased after the individual.

During the chase, Jalen Leverette reportedly veered out of his lane in a deliberate attempt to strike a sheriff’s deputy, leading to one of the charges of attempted murder. Law enforcement officials reported that the deputy did fire at the suspect’s vehicle.

Shortly after the close call, a sheriff’s deputy emerged from his vehicle and attempted to strategically place spike strips on the road to immobilize the suspect’s vehicle. Unfortunately, just as the deputy was about to deploy the device, Jalen Leverette deliberately veered the car and struck the deputy.

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Shortly after, there were reports of Jalen Leverette crashing his grandfather’s car and trying to escape on foot while carrying a firearm. Deputies allegedly discharged their firearms at Jalen Leverette, who later surrendered to authorities and was apprehended.

According to Greene County Coroner Ladd Pulliam, it took several hours before C.L. Leverette’s body was discovered after his grandson’s arrest. The remains were discovered in a wooded area near his home shortly after midnight. According to reports, Pulliam informed the station that his body had been concealed with a mattress and multiple old tires.

Jalen Leverette is currently in custody at the George County Regional Correctional Facility. The timing of his court appearance was not immediately evident.

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