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Gunman shot Dead after he opened fire at a couple in Bronx

Gunman shot Dead after he opened fire at a couple in Bronx

New York City, NY: The New York Police Department officers shot and killed a gunman who was chasing a couple in Bronx.

The moment a shooter opened fire on a couple he was pursuing down a Brooklyn street late on Monday was captured on dramatic video by police, who then shot and killed the attacker.

The Post was able to collect footage of someone screaming as multiple gunshots were fired at Remsen Avenue and East 57th Street.

Then, just as an unmarked police car squeaked up to the curb, a man and a woman were seen fleeing the gunman.

Then three cops arrived on the scene and started shooting, hitting him multiple times.

The horrific occurrence was discovered by the cops while they were conducting a canvass of the East Flatbush neighborhood, as previously revealed by the NYPD.

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Authorities could not immediately identify the 20-year-old gunman, but Kings County Hospital subsequently declared him dead.

The responding cops were brought to the hospital to be observed after the event.

On a neighboring block, a 60-year-old man was also shot, though authorities did not specify how that incident happened.

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