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Ghost Gun Carrier and $1M Check Fraudster Arrested by Police, Drugs and Ammo. Confiscated

Ghost Gun Carrier and $1M Check Fraudster Arrested by Police, Drugs and Ammo. Confiscated

In connection with a $1 million check fraud and identity theft plot, South Bay authorities detained a man on Thursday on many felony offenses. He will be produced before the court on Tuesday.

On Monday, San Jose police said that the arrest was the result of an inquiry into many instances that started in May 2022.

The department’s Burglary and Financial Crimes Unit detectives discovered that many victims suffered losses of over $1 million as a result of identity theft and check fraud incidents.

The crime ring is accused of forging fake checks, altering money orders, and stealing personal checks. The money obtained from these crimes is said to have been used to buy jewelry, drugs, and weapons.

Detectives were able to identify a major suspect during the investigation and secure search warrants for his residence.

The suspect, John Mahoni, 30, of Sunnyvale, was located and taken into custody by the department’s Covert Response Unit on Thursday. Mahoni was found in possession of a loaded, custom-made “ghost gun” with an elongated magazine, according to the police.

The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office investigators, detectives, and U.S. Postal Inspectors executed a warrant at the residence of the suspect. According to the police, they discovered ammo, an unlicensed handgun with long magazines, and a short-barreled assault weapon. In addition to the firearms, there were also found to be over 600 victim checks, cash, jewelry, and 100 altered money orders.

According to authorities, Mahoni was arrested for felony firearms charges and was placed under arrest at the Santa Clara County Jail. His arrest is made under held without the possibility of bail.

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