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Georgia Judge Arrested after Assaulting a Cop after Throwing Tantrum at a Bar; Removed from Office; Slapped with Charges

Georgia Judge Arrested after Assaulting a Cop after Throwing Tantrum at a Bar; Removed from Office; Slapped with Charges

An arrest was made early Thursday morning involving a Georgia judge who allegedly struck a police officer on the head and declined to provide identification outside an Atlanta nightclub.

A Democrat, Douglas County Probate Judge Christina J. Peterson was detained by the police at a club in Buckhead. She has been charged with felony obstruction of law enforcement officers by using threats or violence, as well as simple battery of a police officer.

The cause of the arrest remains unclear, although local officials informed the media that an incident occurred at the Red Martini Restaurant and Lounge on Peachtree Road early in the morning.

The Atlanta Police Department confirmed the arrest to Newsweek Thursday morning, but stated that they were unable to provide additional information at this time.

Judge Peterson has gained quite a reputation in Georgia. In April, she faced severe consequences for her actions, as the Judicial Qualifications Commission unanimously voted to remove her from office due to a pattern of incompetence. This decision came after she was found guilty of 30 counts of misconduct.

The three-person panel discovered that she disregarded courthouse regulations, mistreated staff members, and made inappropriate posts on social media as per NewsWeek.

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Peterson once incarcerated a woman who sought to update her marriage certificate with her newly discovered father’s true name. The woman only served two days of her sentence before her husband managed to pay her fine.

There were some concerns raised about the judge’s actions, including allowing a wedding to take place after hours without the presence of sheriff’s office deputies, as well as pressing a panic button unnecessarily.

During the panel’s hearings, Peterson expressed her dissatisfaction with the lack of recognition she has received since assuming her role in 2020.

Despite the Douglas County panel’s recommendation for her removal, the Georgia Supreme Court has yet to make a decision on her fate.

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