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Gang Member Chopped Head off from Friend’s Body in New York using kilo press

Gang Member Chopped Head off from Friend’s Body in New York using kilo press

New York City, NY: According to officials, the man suspected of decapitating the Bronx man and the former gang member were childhood buddies and had been prison companions.

Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny of the New York Police Department stated that on March 5, 48-year-old Sheldon Johnson allegedly shot 44-year-old Chris Small in the head after a dispute over narcotics and money in the victim’s sixth-floor apartment on Summit Avenue, close to West 164th Street.

During a meeting on Tuesday, Kenny revealed that the men had been roommates at Sing Sing Correctional Facility and had grown up in Harlem together.

The criminal complaint states that at approximately one in the morning, Johnson reportedly went to Small’s residence, shot him in the head, and then dismembered his body. According to court records, Johnson is accused of placing the body parts into plastic bags and then storing them in the freezer.

While gunshots rang out, neighbors reportedly overheard Small say, “Please, I have a family.” This information comes from the Police.

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Later that night, when conducting a wellness check, authorities discovered Small’s lifeless body. According to accounts, the victim’s legs remained connected to their body. At the scene, it was determined that Small had died.

According to Kenny, the victim’s apartment included a kilo press, while Johnson’s automobile near his Harlem home yielded hacksaw blades. No firearm was discovered.

The following day, following the horrific discovery, Johnson was apprehended by law enforcement and charged with two counts of murder and manslaughter. He is still being jailed without bond after entering a not guilty plea during his hearing.

In an interview with Joe Rogan last month, Johnson confessed to robbing a man who owed him money, being a former gang member, and peddling drugs.

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