Foxtrot and Dom’s Kitchen & Market to make Outfox Hospitality

Foxtrot and Dom’s Kitchen & Market to make Outfox Hospitality

Chicago: Two Chicago-based companies, Foxtrot and Dom’s Kitchen & Market agree to merge their holdings to form Outfox Hospitality. Bob Mariano, co-founder of Dom’s will act as an advisor and board member.

The two businesses will merge and provide customers with a mix of convenience shopping, socializing, and dining at a cafe. The financial terms of the agreement are not disclosed to the public.

CEO role will likely go to Foxtrot CEO Liz Williams, while the future role of Dom’s CEO Don Fitzgerald is unknown. He will act as CEO during the transition period.

Williams said in a statement that the two companies “share a common mission of modernizing the way people shop. Merging our two brands will elevate the experience for our customers and move the retail industry forward.”

Foxtrot runs stores across the nation and the stores range in size from 1,800 to 4,000 square feet. Dom’s said that their stores range in size from 17,000 to 25,000 square feet and offer more grocery items after the merge.

Williams said, “In addition to our markets, our cafe and coffee businesses are at the heart of our stores and we look forward to continued growth through our partnership.”

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