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Former Emergency Responder Pleaded Guilty To Theft & Weapon Charges

Former Emergency Responder Pleaded Guilty To Theft & Weapon Charges

San Diego, California: Nick Conniry, a former paramedic pleaded guilty in an incident that could shake the trust of the locals in the emergency responders.

Nicholas Conniry, 44, pleaded guilty to the burglary and other charges. He broke into the house where he responded to a medical emergency a night before. He was an emergency responder with Falck Mobile Health. The victim of the burglary is a 90-year-old lady.

On the evening of July 3, the victim’s husband was having a medical emergency, according to the prosecution, and Conniry was one of the firefighters and medics who arrived at the victim’s Casero Road residence.

During a preliminary hearing last year, the woman said that the next morning, she witnessed a man in her backyard taking down the screen on one of her home’s rear windows.

The woman stated that after opening her sliding glass door and introducing himself, Conniry—clad in his medic’s costume and gloves—asked to speak with her in order to obtain further information for a report that he has to submit to his department.

She resisted and requested him to go after he tried to explain that he was there to ask her some questions so he could finish his report. The woman visited her spouse in the hospital following Conniry’s departure.

Conniry later went back to the house after she had left, but one of her neighbors confronted him, according to testimony at the preliminary hearing. Conniry showed up at the house in his own car, according to the neighbor, who reported it to the police.

Conniry entered a guilty plea on Wednesday to additional counts about the discovery of multiple people’s personally identifiable information in his bedroom and work locker. In a prior hearing, he entered a guilty plea to counts of possessing an assault weapon.

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