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Florida Woman Stabbed Deputy in Neck with Knife after Rollover Crash, Gets Life Sentence in St. Lucie

Florida Woman Stabbed Deputy in Neck with Knife after Rollover Crash, Gets Life Sentence in St. Lucie

Fort Pierce, FL: A woman stabbed a St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Deputy in the neck after he arrived to help the woman after a rollover crash.

The 23-year-old woman from Fort Pierce was handed a life sentence on Wednesday after the incident that happened 2 years ago. The rollover accident occurred on March 23, 2022, and left the deputy injured.

The jury had found Leigha Michelle Day guilty of the attempted murder of a police officer six days before the sentence.

The deputy is identified as Cody Colangelo. He was present at the sentencing.

According to Sheriff Keith Pearson of St. Lucie County, Day attacked the deputy as he was trying to help her. Colangelo discovered Day strolling along the beach. He soon saw a car involved in a rollover accident on Indian River Drive and went there to help the victims.

“Our deputies responded to help somebody who was involved in a car crash,” Pearson said. “The last thing they ever thought that would happen is they would be the ones needing help.”

Leigha Michelle Day on the day of the crash.

Day allegedly went violently at Colangelo and stabbed him in the neck as he approached the accident site, as reported by prosecutors.

Authorities alleged that Colangelo pursued Day while pressing pressure on his wound, despite suffering a severe injury from a stabbing.

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Colangelo started radioing other deputies to ask for assistance. Day was apprehended by the authorities after they discovered her hiding down an embankment.

The entire encounter was filmed by the department-issued body camera worn by Colangelo.

A portion of the artery in Colangelo’s neck was substituted with one from his leg during the two-hour operation as per WPTV

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