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Florida sheriff strongly criticizes border rules following the charging of 21 individuals in a sex trafficking ring and 228 Arrests

Florida sheriff strongly criticizes border rules following the charging of 21 individuals in a sex trafficking ring and 228 Arrests

An undercover operation in Florida discovered that 21 unlawful foreign nationals were utilizing documents issued by the Department of Homeland Security to travel to major U.S. cities at no cost for the purpose of participating in sex trafficking, as stated by Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd.

Judd stated that federal policy influences crime committed by illegal immigrants and the harm they cause to victims. This statement was made while presenting the outcomes of a covert operation involving multiple agencies, resulting in the apprehension of 228 individuals. Out of the individuals arrested, 21 were undocumented immigrants from Chile, Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela.

The procedure occurred from February 22 to March 1. Arrests were made for offenses involving soliciting prostitutes, proposing to commit prostitution, or aiding and abetting prostitutes. The charges consisted of 70 felonies and 288 misdemeanors. The suspects had a total of 879 felonies and 1,150 misdemeanors in their criminal history, as reported by the sheriff’s office.

Judd stated that this is a record number of arrests during an investigation of this type. “These individuals are criminals themselves.”

Out of the 21 unlawful foreign nationals apprehended, three were ladies hailing from Venezuela. Judd stated that a criminal alien transported them from New York City to central Florida. The women are under the grip of a human trafficker, who is suspected to be a lady they owe $3,000 to every week.

Judd summarized their findings from the study, stating that individuals must choose between believing the victims of human trafficking or the information provided by federal authorities. They said that upon entering the nation unlawfully, the Department of Homeland Security provided them with a form, an identification card, and documentation enabling them to travel by air at no cost. They informed us that they travel to big metropolitan areas at no cost through the federal government, where they arrange their sexual encounters nationwide. Have you listened to my words?

The human trafficker organizes the arrangement and directs the unlawful foreign nationals to present their DHS ID to board planes, allowing them to fly for free to their destination and return. All 21 individuals expressed a common theme: they are unable to work lawfully. We are addicted to money. We need to provide $3,000 every week and any amount over that is ours to keep.

Judd stated that the border situation directly affects criminality in the United States. There is a crisis at the border. Due to the border crisis, individuals are exploiting undocumented immigrants by coercing them into the sex trade, as we permit these criminals to enter the country unlawfully.

He mentioned that politicians in Washington, D.C. tend to politicize everything, using an example of a piece of legislation that aimed to restrict the daily influx of illegal immigrants to 5,000, which was a result of negotiations between U.S. Sen. James Lankford, R-Oklahoma, and Democrats. The assertion is in direct opposition to the bill’s wording, which has numerous exclusions that render the daily cap of 5,000 meaningless, as reported by The Center Square.

Judd stated that if the federal government can prevent 5,000 people from entering the nation illegally each day, they can also prevent any illegal entries. Politicians are engaging in political activities while the victims are suffering from victimization.

Crime committed by illegal border crossers has minimal impact on a national scale due to the privileged living situations of those in power and the political games played by Congress.

He described border-related criminality as chaotic and unnecessary. If we can address and intercept the issue at the local level, it can be prevented at the federal level. Shame on all of them for not uniting and acknowledging that there are issues more significant in this country than their personal political beliefs.

Investigators from seven police agencies, a fire and rescue team, State Attorney Brian Haas’s office, the Florida Department of Children and Families, and workers from several social services organizations participated in the collaborative operation overseen by Judd’s office.

During this operation, a collaborative effort involving multiple agencies discovered 13 human trafficking victims. In February and October 2023, they identified 24 and 21 victims during two identical missions. They have discovered 58 possible victims of human trafficking in one year.

Several individuals who were apprehended had in their possession fentanyl, heroin, cocaine, MDMA, hydrocodone, Xanax, methamphetamine, and marijuana at the site of their arrest; in addition, 17 guns were confiscated.

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