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Florida Police Shot Man Dead after He Killed Old Man and Carried His Chopped Body Parts to Escape from the Crime Scene: Wife and Kids Horrified

Florida Police Shot Man Dead after He Killed Old Man and Carried His Chopped Body Parts to Escape from the Crime Scene: Wife and Kids Horrified

A tragic incident occurred in Florida as police encountered a man attempting to exit his residence through a window while carrying a knife and the dead remains of his roommate.

In a statement, the local police department in Fort Myers, Fla. reported that officers were called to a situation on Sunday, June 9. The report indicated that a woman and small children were found “hiding in a carport.”

According to the statement, a woman, whose identity remains undisclosed, reported to authorities that her husband, Willy Lumaine, was engaged in a violent altercation with their roommate inside their residence.

The victim’s identity was not disclosed by authorities, however, according to his landlord who spoke to NBC 2, he was an elderly, blind man named Bonito Francois.

An incident report obtained by FOX 4 reveals that Lumaine, 33, had been experiencing anger for unknown reasons since the day prior to the tragic event. According to the landlord, Lumaine and the victim were engaged in an argument due to the victim’s refusal to vacate the premises, as reported by NBC 2.

According to the incident report, Lumaine decided to leave the residence on that day due to the high temperature. A terrifying ordeal unfolded as his wife drifted into slumber, only to be abruptly jolted awake by desperate cries for assistance.

A woman heard a cry for assistance. He is causing me extreme distress! According to the report, she fled with her children due to fear.

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According to reports, she informed their landlord about overhearing the victim ask, “Will you be joining me, Mr. Willy?” Why did you kill me? “What did I do to you?” the landlord reported.

According to the incident report, officers arrived at the scene and found a blood trail. They observed Lumaine carrying a large knife as he approached the window at the back of the house. He shattered a window near one of the officers, as he emerged with a knife and a partially bloody torso.

According to the report, despite being ordered to drop the weapon, the individual persisted in using the knife to break the window in an attempt to come outside.

According to the report, despite officers’ orders, tasers were deployed on him as he persisted in refusing to comply. However, Lumaine persisted in approaching the officers and allegedly attacked them with a slashing motion, according to the report.

Police said that officers started firing at Lumaine after he allegedly refused their commands to drop the knife, even after being tasered. He was pronounced deceased at the location.

During the ongoing investigation, authorities discovered disturbing evidence of a brutal assault within the residence. The police department stated that the roommate’s body parts were found mutilated and dismembered throughout various areas of the house.

According to the incident report, the victim’s head and torso were discovered near a trash can outside the home as reported by PEOPLE.

The investigation is still in progress. The officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave, in accordance with department policy, as stated by the department.

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