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Florida Mother Sexually Assaulted Her Kids for Making Videos; Sold Recordings on Snapchat for 10 Bucks; Sentenced by Judge for Traumatizing Actions

Florida Mother Sexually Assaulted Her Kids for Making Videos; Sold Recordings on Snapchat for 10 Bucks; Sentenced by Judge for Traumatizing Actions

A mother from Port St. Lucie has been handed a severe sentence of 21 life terms in prison, along with an additional 800 years, following her conviction for committing “evil and horrific” sex crimes against her own children.

In 2022, Assistant State Attorney Katy Reid revealed a disturbing case involving a young woman named Natalie Wagner. It was discovered that Wagner had recorded videos of herself engaging in sexual acts with her own 1- and 3-year-old children. Reid mentioned her intention to sell videos on Snapchat, offering users the option to make specific requests for content, with prices ranging from $5 to $50.

An investigation was initiated after Reid reported that two complaints had been made to Snapchat regarding someone, later identified as Wagner, allegedly promoting sexual activity with their own children. Snapchat shared the information with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, who traced an IP address to Port St. Lucie.

The Port St. Lucie police became involved and conducted a search of her home and phone. Disturbing evidence has been discovered, consisting of over 20 explicit videos, some of which even involve the family pet.

In addition, they discovered Snapchat messages where Wagner was found discussing the transmission of the videos.

Wagner faced a multitude of serious criminal charges, including incest, using a child in a sexual performance, and transmitting child pornography. After a thorough legal process, he was ultimately charged and convicted on over 80 counts.

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Typically, when it comes to cases involving crimes against children, prosecutors frequently extend plea deals to defendants in order to spare the children from enduring a trial. According to Reid, this case had a unique aspect.

The judge delivered the harshest possible sentence.

According to Reid, there will be investigations into the individuals who have requested the videos.

Now, the attention shifts towards ensuring that the future of the children is not permanently affected by this terrible history.

According to Reid, the children are now under the care of different individuals. The 3-year-old has received counseling to help them cope with their experiences, while Reid remains hopeful that the 1-year-old will be shielded from ever knowing the hardships they endured.

According to Reid, the sentence specifically pertains to the crimes committed against the 3-year-old. Wagner is currently facing charges in connection with alleged crimes against a 1-year-old. If convicted again, her sentence could potentially be extended.

Charges have also been filed against Wagner’s husband. During the investigation, Wagner admitted to concealing her actions from her husband. Reid acknowledged that this statement seemed to be accurate. However, despite this, her husband was still charged with failing to protect their children as reported by WPTV News.

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