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Florida Maniac Rushed to the Terrace of Building and Started Throwing Things on Streets in New York; Arrested by Authorities

Florida Maniac Rushed to the Terrace of Building and Started Throwing Things on Streets in New York; Arrested by Authorities

A man was apprehended approximately 15 minutes after he entered the building without permission and started tossing objects off its terrace.

A Florida man was apprehended by New York City police last Friday for the reckless act of hurling furniture off a high-rise building in Midtown, Manhattan.

A spokesperson from the NYPD reported that officers swiftly responded to a call in the early afternoon and apprehended Jean Oliver, 33, approximately 15 minutes after he started throwing furniture off the 20th floor of a building located at 555 Fifth Ave., close to 46th St.

“Upon entering the premises, the individual proceeded to ascend to the 20th floor outdoor terrace. There, he proceeded to hurl various pieces of furniture (tables, benches, chairs) onto the sidewalk and street, even as pedestrians were passing by,” a spokesperson informed PEOPLE.

A sizable crowd of onlookers had assembled on the street below, captivated by Oliver’s ongoing outbursts and object-tossing from the building. Additional groups assembled in nearby office buildings to observe from a distance.

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A man named Oliver, reportedly from West Park, Fla., has been charged with multiple offenses including burglary, reckless endangerment, criminal mischief, and criminal trespassing, according to the police.

Footage of the incident has been widely shared on social media in recent days.

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A video shared on the Citizen App captures a shirtless individual hurling chairs and tables off a high-rise building, with the iconic Empire State Building in the backdrop.

Throughout the video, the man can be observed repeatedly tossing furniture off the roof, raising his arms in the air, shouting and gesturing to onlookers, and engaging in heated exchanges with bystanders from lower floors.

“Oh my goodness!” a person exclaimed in the background of the video, observing as the man persistently tossed hefty objects off the roof.

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Some observers questioned the delay in the police response to the incident and speculated on the possibility of the shirtless man evading capture.

One person disagrees with the notion that the man wants to escape, while the witnesses keep a close eye on him.

Authorities closed off a section of the street in response to the incident. Fortunately, there were no injuries caused by the falling debris.

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