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Florida Man Strangled Woman to Death; Rolled her in Carpet and Ran Car over Her Body leaving Victim”Looking like Spaghetti” Will Face Death Penalty if Convicted

Florida Man Strangled Woman to Death; Rolled her in Carpet and Ran Car over Her Body leaving Victim”Looking like Spaghetti” Will Face Death Penalty if Convicted

The father of a Florida man who has been in jail on murder charges for almost five years recently revealed that his son admitted to killing one of his suspected victims. According to the father, the incident resulted in the victim being severely injured, describing her appearance as being similar to spaghetti after being run over.

The double-murder trial of Wade Wilson commenced in Cape Coral this week, with the process of selecting a jury. Two women, Kristine Melton, 35, and Diane Ruiz, 43, were tragically murdered in October 2019, and he is now facing accusations for their deaths.

After a lengthy five-year process, Wilson’s trial is finally coming to a close. Along the way, there were some unexpected challenges, such as the unfortunate passing of his first attorney and a daring escape from holding. Wilson’s defense team was given permission to have him wear makeup during court proceedings to conceal the tattoos on his face, which include swastikas. Nevertheless, they remained in plain sight at the beginning of the trial.

Attorneys sought to conceal the tattoos in order to present Wilson in a more professional manner to the jury.

Wilson, 30, had previously denied any involvement in the women’s deaths during an interview with NBC2. However, his father informed investigators that his son reached out to him for assistance after spending the night with Melton.

He provided a detailed account of his son’s confession, describing how Melton was strangled while she was asleep and then wrapped in a carpet. The father, Wilson, admitted to authorities that he encountered a woman, sought directions from her, and tragically caused her harm. His actions were described as extremely brutal, leaving the victim unrecognizable.

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The defendant acknowledged meeting the woman and staying at Melton’s residence prior to the discovery of her deceased body. However, he claims that Melton was still alive when he departed in her vehicle.

Later that evening, Ruiz’s disappearance was reported after she went missing while walking home from her job at the Moose Lodge, which is approximately a mile away from her residence, as reported by Fox 4. The following day, her lifeless body was discovered behind a Sam’s Club store. Authorities have established a connection between the two fatalities, with both victims tragically succumbing to strangulation.

A former partner also informed the news outlet that Wilson confessed to the offenses.

Wilson could potentially face the death penalty if found guilty. In Florida, juries can recommend the death penalty with a majority vote of eight out of 10 members.

During the start of jury selection, family members of the victims were noticeably absent from the courtroom. Details and supporting information are anticipated to be revealed during the upcoming trial.

Two events have further complicated the legal proceedings. One of Mr Wilson’s former attorneys passed away before the trial, and the defendant has made previous attempts to escape from jail.

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