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Florida Man Charged with Aggravated Child Abuse After Dropping Boy from Balcony just to Scare the Little Boy

Florida Man Charged with Aggravated Child Abuse After Dropping Boy from Balcony just to Scare the Little Boy

A man from Volusia County is currently in jail without bail after an incident at the Sandals Inn in Daytona Beach. On Saturday, he dropped a child from the second-floor balcony, resulting in serious injury.

A child was transported to Halifax Health Medical Center as a trauma alert. The child is not anticipated to experience any lasting medical problems and was released from the hospital on Monday, according to Daytona Beach police Sgt. Tim Ehrenkaufer.

Brandon Gilmore, 31, faces charges of aggravated child abuse.

Daytona Beach police were informed of the incident at 7:31 p.m. on Saturday, which took place at the Sandals Inn located at 133 S. Ocean Ave.

During the conversation with Gilmore, he mentioned that he had encountered the child and his mother at approximately 3 p.m. on Saturday, and their acquaintance lasted for about 5 hours. According to his arrest report, Gilmore had been granted permission to enter the woman’s room and they had made plans to get a piercing later in the day.

During the wait, Gilmore informed the woman that he planned to take the boy outside for some playtime and to give him a little fright, according to the police.

“According to the police report, Gilbert took the boy outside of the hotel room and held him by his legs, suspending him over the second-floor balcony,” the report stated.

The age of the child was not disclosed.

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According to a witness staying in the same room, it was reported to the police that Gilmore encountered the child and his mother at the hotel’s pool, where they had been consuming alcohol. According to authorities, Gilmore was subsequently invited to the room by the woman.

According to police, witnesses reported an incident involving Gilmore and a child on a balcony.

According to authorities, a video surveillance recording captured Gilmore carrying the child and subsequently holding him by one leg over the balcony before letting go.

Police have informed the Department of Children and Families about the incident as reported by FOX News.

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