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Florida Man Arrested in New York City After Distributing Illegal Prescriptions Nationwide

Florida Man Arrested in New York City After Distributing Illegal Prescriptions Nationwide

New York City: A young man from Florida has been arrested in New York after hacking into doctors’ phones and misusing their prescribing privileges to issue a large number of prescriptions, according to prosecutors.

Devin Anthony Magarian, 21, reportedly utilized those credentials to distribute prescriptions for Oxycodone, Promethazine, and Codeine across the United States.

A man in Nassau County is facing 19 drug charges, including criminal sale of a controlled substance, following a tip from a pharmacist in Long Island, according to law enforcement sources.

Bobby Bamdad works as a pharmacist at Shafa Pharmacy in Great Neck. According to him, he is familiar with every customer he assists with their prescriptions. However, one particular prescription in February raised some concerns.

He reached out to the authorities and informed nearby pharmacies.

Nassau County officials are remaining tight-lipped about the identity of the caller, but it is worth noting that investigators did receive a call from a pharmacist in Great Neck around the same time, sharing a similar story. This call played a significant role in launching the year-long investigation.

Authorities have uncovered an extensive operation led by Magarian, involving a complex network that unlawfully obtained and exploited the e-prescribing credentials of doctors across multiple states. These credentials were then used to distribute a staggering number of narcotics prescriptions nationwide.

As part of the operation, Magarian’s associates collected prescriptions from pharmacies across several states. The prescriptions were commonly given under made-up names and sent to both large chain pharmacies and small independent ones.

As per court records, Magarian attempted to sell oxycodone to an undercover Nassau County Police Department detective for $2,250.

According to reports, Magarian ran a channel on the Telegram mobile app where he informed his customers about upcoming prescription rounds, allowing them to conveniently place their orders.

The defendant reportedly described these instances as “portals.” Customers reached out to Magarian directly to buy prescriptions, including controlled substances like Oxycodone, Promethazine, and Codeine. The customers would be responsible for filling the prescriptions themselves.

An individual was apprehended by authorities from the Nassau County Police Department in New York City on January 17th. According to prosecutors, the individual was allegedly involved in a scheme to obtain $14,000 from an individual who was picking up Oxycodone prescriptions, purportedly under the direction of the defendant.

According to prosecutors, the money was given as compensation for a batch of prescriptions. These prescriptions consisted of Oxycodone 30 mg, with each prescription containing 90 tablets. In total, there were 630 pills involved.

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