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Florida Judge to Consider Death Penalty for Man who Killed Two Women; Rolled Over Dead Bodies Until They Looked like Spaghetti

Florida Judge to Consider Death Penalty for Man who Killed Two Women; Rolled Over Dead Bodies Until They Looked like Spaghetti

Jurors have recommended the death penalty for Wade Wilson, a convicted killer who was found guilty of murdering two women in Cape Coral.

The jurors reached their decision in the afternoon after deliberating for a couple of hours.

The jury’s decision regarding the murder of Kristine Melton resulted in nine out of twelve jurors recommending the death penalty. Similarly, for the murder of Diane Ruiz, ten jurors recommended the same punishment.

According to state prosecutor Sara Miller, the jury’s recommendation for execution is seen as a victory by many.

“We strongly believe that this case is a victory for numerous victims.” We have received accounts from numerous women who have experienced victimization at the hands of the defendant, and it appears that some of them may not have pursued charges or found justice within the legal system. “This victory truly guarantees the safety of many individuals,” Miller stated.

Miller started the closing arguments by emphasizing that this is the crucial moment in the trial where they will make a significant request: a recommendation for the death penalty.

The state is presenting evidence to demonstrate the extreme brutality of the murders of Kristine Melton and Diane Ruiz.

Miller restated Wilson’s interview with detectives, recalling how he relied on his charm and good looks to manipulate the first girl and ultimately influence her actions as per NBC 2 News.

A detailed account was provided to the jurors, outlining the gruesome nature of the killings and the brutal methods used by Wilson to torture and strangle the victims.

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Miller discusses the injuries observed on both women and notes that they exhibited defensive wounds. She expressed the difficulty of making a decision that involves ending someone’s life, but in this particular situation, she believed it was justified.

The defense is arguing for a life sentence based on Wilson’s mental health and head injuries.

The defense argued that it was impossible to determine the consciousness or the level of pain and panic experienced by the women at the time of their death, contrary to the state’s assertions.

Shirley also received a letter from Wilson’s sister, who expressed that he tragically lost his battle with his mental health challenges.

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