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Florida Gems: Explore Family-Friendly Cities in The Sunshine State

Florida Gems: Explore Family-Friendly Cities in The Sunshine State

Florida has consistently been a preferred destination for American families due to its stunning coastlines, favorable climate, and affordable taxes. This compilation of Florida’s “top ten best places to raise a family” will assist you in determining the ideal location for your family.

Each location on this list offers a distinctive combination of recreational opportunities, education, and safety, from the tranquil beaches of Niceville to the lively streets of Tampa. In order to determine the most suitable location for you and your family, be certain to review our compilation of Florida’s most hazardous cities.


Niceville is the optimal location for a family to reside in Florida. This diminutive city is situated in Okaloosa County, which is affectionately referred to as the Emerald Coast, along the Florida panhandle. Niceville is an ideal destination for retirees and families, as it provides residents with tranquil living, turquoise waters, and pristine beaches.

Ultimately, Niceville is the optimal location for raising a family in Florida due to its distinctive blend of natural amenities, welcoming atmosphere, low crime rates, acclaimed school systems, and affordable housing.

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Port Saint Lucie

Port Saint Lucie is also one of the most desirable locations in Florida for raising a family. This metropolis is situated between Orlando and Miami on the eastern coast of the state. Port Saint Lucie is an exceptional destination for nature enthusiasts, boasting an abundance of beaches, rivers, hiking trails, and environmental sanctuaries. Port Saint Lucie is also one of the most secure cities in Florida.

Furthermore, Port Saint Lucie boasts some of the lowest crime rates in the state, which renders it a secure environment for local families.


Naples, which is situated on the Gulf of Mexico, is another exceptional option for families residing on the southeastern coast of Florida. Naples is the ideal destination for those seeking the authentic Florida experience, as it is renowned for its sugar-sand beaches, exceptional weather, and tenderly lapping waters. This city is also renowned for its sophisticated culture, boutique shopping, exquisite dining, and high-end retailers.

Naples is one of the wealthiest cities in Florida, which is why home prices and monthly rents are among the highest on this list.


Tampa is another exceptional destination for families seeking to reside in Florida. This community is situated in close proximity to Busch Gardens and the Gulf of Mexico, providing residents with the opportunity to enjoy both family-friendly entertainment and tranquil beach living. The Florida Aquarium and numerous local parks, museums, first-class cafes, and walkable streets are among the additional local amenities.

Ponte Vedra Beach

Ponte Vedra Beach is a top-tier destination for families with higher incomes in Florida. One of the wealthiest communities in the state, this upscale city is situated just outside of Jacksonville on the eastern coast of the state. Oceanfront views, world-class resorts, stunning custom architecture, and nature reserves are among the many luxury amenities that Ponte Vedra residents can experience, allowing them to lead a tranquil daily life.


Pensacola, situated in the northwestern region of Florida, is another exceptional destination for families. Pensacola, affectionately known as the “Cradle of Naval Aviation,” is a city with a rich military history and is the location of the Naval Air Station and the U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron. Nevertheless, Pensacola is home to beautiful white-sand beaches, emerald-green waters, and some of the finest fishing spots in all of Florida, in addition to its military service.


Ocala is another exceptional location for families to reside in Florida. This city, situated in north central Florida, offers residents a small-town atmosphere while still providing access to the amenities of a larger metropolis. Locals can appreciate the picturesque tree-lined streets as they travel to attractions like the Appleton Museum of Art and the Ocala National Forest.

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For families who are interested in witnessing NASA’s space expeditions from the front row, Melbourne, which is situated on the eastern side of Florida, is an excellent venue. This region is a component of the “Space Coast” of the state, a 72-mile expanse of territory that encompasses other cities such as Cocoa Beach, Palm Bay, and Port Canaveral. Melbourne is renowned for its convenient proximity to the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, the launch sites of all NASA’s manned space mission.

Fort Meyers

Fort Meyers is another exceptional location in Florida for raising a family, as it offers a combination of outdoor recreation opportunities, an affordable cost of living, and a central location. Fort Meyers, situated in southwestern Florida, is approximately two hours south of Tampa and two and a half hours northwest of Miami. It is an ideal location for individuals who enjoy water sports and hiking, as it provides convenient access to parks, nature preserves, marinas, and beaches.


Florida Gems Explore Family-Friendly Cities in The Sunshine State
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Sarasota is also an excellent location for raising a family in Florida. Sarasota is consistently ranked as one of the most desirable locations in Florida for retirees and families due to its cultural attractions, terrific weather, and sandy beaches. It is a small beach city with a population of approximately 55,000 residents, situated on the western coast of Florida, approximately 60 miles or an hour’s journey south of Tampa.

The city is a beach paradise with all your essentials nearby, as it features quality schools, top-rated clinics, and other essentials such as grocery stores, pharmacies, and restaurants.

Last Words

There are numerous excellent alternatives available to families in Florida. Port Saint Lucie and Pensacola are particularly noteworthy for nature enthusiasts due to their low crime rates and the abundance of outdoor activities, such as picturesque beaches and nature sanctuaries.

Naples and Ponte Vedra Beach are the perfect destinations for those who are in search of luxury and high-end amenities. These areas offer a variety of amenities, including upscale shopping, dining, and exceptional institutions. However, the housing costs in these areas are higher.

Reference: Property Club

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