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Florida Authorities on Alert amid Haiti Turmoil as Violent Fugitives are coming to the US illegally

Florida Authorities on Alert amid Haiti Turmoil as Violent Fugitives are coming to the US illegally

Tallahassee, FL: Florida is getting ready to feel the effects of Haiti’s political unrest and the present regulations at the federal border. The Sunshine State has long been the target of illegal immigration by sea from Cuba and Haiti.

More state police and emergency resources were sent to the southern coast of Florida on Wednesday by Gov. Ron DeSantis. U.S. Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) received guarantees from the Defense Department on Tuesday that it will offer support in the Straits of Florida.

Haiti’s prime minister Jimmy Cherizier, better known by his gang name “Barbecue,” resigned on Tuesday in response to a warning by the notorious “G9 and Family” gang boss to increase bloodshed unless the prime minister resigned.

Prime Minister Ariel Henry, in a brief Facebook post, announced his resignation and stated that his administration will dissolve once a transitional council is formed. The leader of the group announced his resignation following a week of “systematic looting and destruction of public buildings and private buildings,” as he refused to comply with Barbecue’s ultimatum on February 7.

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The gang led by Barbecue planned a prison breach that let vicious inmates into the capital, sparking a bloodbath. According to reports, 80% of Haiti’s capital is under his control. Following the assassination of former prime minister Jovenel Moïse in July 2021 by individuals suspected of being Columbian mercenaries, Henry assumed the role of acting prime leader.

A federal judge in Texas upheld the continuation of a parole scheme established by Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary of homeland security, leading to widespread anarchy in Haiti. An extra thirty thousand Haitians are granted entry to the United States every month under Mayorka’s program, even though they would not be admitted under the previous administration.

Given the ongoing response from local and state law enforcement agencies, the U.S. Coast Guard, and U.S. Border Patrol agents to migrants arriving in southern Florida, mostly from Cuba and Haiti, Gaetz inquired of officials from the Defense Department about their strategy for handling a large influx of Haitians.

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Federal officials were expecting a huge movement of Haitians, possibly into Florida, according to Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense and Hemispheric Affairs Rebecca Zimmerman, who stated this during a House Armed Services Committee hearing on Tuesday. U.S. Southern Command Commander General Laura Richardson has also stated her intention to think about sending naval forces to the Straits of Florida to aid in interdiction operations.

“So what distinguishes Haiti from a failed state?” Gaetz said during the session. Because the government was ousted and the gangs are in control, it’s telling that we can’t really identify. This influx of individuals from Haiti is a major concern of mine as a Floridian, and I fear it will only become worse.

“What are we doing to prepare for that wave, and to ensure that these people are repatriated back at the dock at Port au Prince?” Gaetz said of Richardson and Zimmerman, “The administration has done paroled into the United States with people on the southern border.”

Coast Guard officials he spoke with, according to Gaetz, were happy to have the navy’s backing. He pleaded with the Department of Defense to make use of a 2002 authority that had been set up by President George W. Bush. The clause authorizes the Department of Defense to provide the United States Coast Guard with naval support in the event that a president declares a state of emergency as a result of a large-scale migration of Haitians, with the purpose of intercepting and returning those migrants at sea. That includes giving the green light for navy ships to use the Straits of Florida for gray haul operations.

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