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Fistfight between Teenage Females led to Huge Brawl in Long Beach Mall; Rounds also rang up the mall

Fistfight between Teenage Females led to Huge Brawl in Long Beach Mall; Rounds also rang up the mall

Long Beach, CA: A huge teenage brawl broke out in a Long Beach mall after two teenage girls fet involved in a fistfight.

Stores in The Pike Outlets were asked by the Long Beach Police Department to close early on Saturday due to a big disturbance and several altercations.

After a social media post suggesting a rendezvous went viral, some 200 people reportedly showed up at the Long Beach shopping mall.

The Long Beach police department had officers stationed near the residence after receiving news of an altercation involving an adult woman and a minor female.

The stringer service OC Hawk received video showing a fistfight between two women. A swarm of teenagers gathered around the two women as the altercation raged on, with several capturing the scene on camera.

In the end, police officers broke up the mob and arrested the two girls who had been participating. Just a small number of police officers remained on the scene to conduct additional patrols. The Pike Outlets allegedly had a bus brought in by the police in preparation for the possible detention of a significant number of minors.

In light of the situation, the proprietors of the stores in The Pike Outlets and elsewhere decided to close their doors early. At about 6 o’clock on Saturday, the mall shut down and asked customers to vacate the premises. Police threatened to arrest anyone who disobeyed their orders.

Reports of a shooting involving a juvenile man came just moments after the altercation between the two girls began. The youngster was discovered wounded in the lower body by officers at The Promenade. The person was transported to a nearby hospital and is currently described as stable.

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Who among the onlookers at the altercation between the two women was shot remains unknown. No information on possible shooters has been made public by the police.

Any anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult 21 or older after 3 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, according to a new policy enforced at the Del Amo Mall Fashion Center in Torrance. After multiple fights and smash-and-grab robberies involving minors occurred, the limitations were imposed.

Both the females have been taken into custody. It is unclear what prompted the fight between the two.

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