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Female Lyft Driver Punched in the Head and Beaten Mercilessly by Passengers in Seattle

Female Lyft Driver Punched in the Head and Beaten Mercilessly by Passengers in Seattle

Seattle, WA: A 37-year-old Lyft Driver was beaten mercilessly by passengers in Seattle. She was also robbed and the windows of her car were also smashed.

According to the Seattle Police Department, the argument started at the Atlantic City Boat Ramp and then moved to an apartment building on Seward Park Avenue, where the driver sought help and dialed 911.

She told the guys, three women, and toddler that they couldn’t finish the pick-up because there wasn’t a car seat available for the little one. Then they started loading everything into her vehicle.

The driver allegedly tried to cancel the trip, which prompted one of the passengers to steal her phone (KING5).

Afterwards, she pounded on the doorknob and demanded her phone back multiple times.

The matter became more serious when claims of theft surfaced, referencing the fact that their possessions were still in a trunk. A male passenger then punched her in the head in an assault.

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The situation quickly escalated into a violent altercation, which resulted in the driver being knocked to the ground and beaten by every passenger. Eventually, one man hit her with “a piece of driftwood.”

In addition, the driver’s situation became much more dire when her vehicle window was damaged and some of her possessions were stolen.

The group—which included the young child—ran away in different directions, with some of them making their way toward Seward Park Avenue South. The robbery unit of the Seattle Police Department is currently investigating the incident, and the department’s Violent Crimes Tip Line is open to anyone who may have information.

Adding more confusion, the Seattle Police Department first identified the driver as an Uber affiliate; however, a representative from Uber said that their platform had nothing to do with the case. Later on, Lyft addressed the matter and verified that the occurrence was related to their service. They also denounced the acts in question. The actions mentioned are completely wrong and do not belong in our community, according to a representative from Lyft.

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After contacting the victim and banning the ridesharer from their site, Lyft promised to help with the ongoing investigations.

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