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Federal Judge Blocks Biden Administration’s Rule To Protect LGBTQ+ Students

Federal Judge Blocks Biden Administration’s Rule To Protect LGBTQ+ Students

A federal judge in Louisiana has issued a ruling that prevents the Biden administration from implementing a new rule aimed at safeguarding LGBTQ+ students from gender identity-based discrimination in schools and colleges. The ruling applies to four states.

A preliminary injunction has been issued by U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty in Monroe, preventing the implementation of a U.S. Department of Education rule that aimed to extend sex discrimination protections under Title IX to LGBTQ+ students in the Republican-led states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, and Idaho.

Several states had raised concerns about the potential implications of the rule, suggesting that it could mandate schools to permit transgender students to use restrooms and locker rooms that align with their gender identities.

“Implementing the changes in the final rule would undermine the original intent of Title IX: safeguarding biological females from discrimination,” expressed Doughty, who was appointed by Republican former President Donald Trump.

A judge has issued a ruling that blocks a controversial rule, marking the first time such a decision has been made. The rule had faced opposition from Republican-led states and conservative activists, who argue that it goes against the original intent of the law, which aimed to protect women from discrimination in education.

“This victory is a significant step forward for the advancement of women’s rights,” expressed Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen, a member of the Republican party, in an official statement. “This decision will ensure the safety of young women and girls, similar to the longstanding impact of Title IX.”

The Education Department spokesperson stated that they are currently reviewing the ruling, but they continue to support the rule, which will be implemented on August 1st as reported by USA Today.

In April, the department clarified that Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which prohibits sex-based discrimination in federally funded schools and colleges, also encompasses discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

The department referred to a 2020 U.S. Supreme Court ruling which recognized that a prohibition on sex discrimination in the workplace, as stated in Title VII, also extends to protect gay and transgender employees.

When examining cases related to sex discrimination, courts frequently refer to interpretations of Title VII and Title IX, as both laws prohibit such discrimination.

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