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Federal Investigation After Two Homes Exploded In Jackson; Suspect Fault Of Gas Company

Federal Investigation After Two Homes Exploded In Jackson; Suspect Fault Of Gas Company

Jackson, MS: An explosion at a home on Bristol Boulevard in Jackson, Miss., resulted in the death of Clara Barbour, 82, on Jan. 24, 2024. Three days later, on Jan. 27, a second house, this one vacant, exploded about a mile away on Shalimar Drive, as reported by WLBT.

An investigation is being conducted by a federal agency to determine if gas leaks or infrastructure failures could have been a factor in the explosions. The National Transportation Safety Board is set to unveil a preliminary report in the upcoming weeks.

A spokesperson for the NTSB mentioned in a statement to the Mississippi Free Press that the initial report will be a brief document containing only factual information known at that time, including physical evidence collected at the scene and witness statements.

Holloway mentioned that the NTSB has identified factors indicating a possible natural gas leak as the cause of the explosion that resulted in Barbour’s death on Jan. 24. Since the agency’s investigators were already examining that incident, the NTSB also chose to investigate the Jan. 27 incident, Holloway informed the Mississippi Free Press.

Although the NTSB is primarily recognized for its investigations into civilian aviation accidents and rail accidents, it also has authority over natural gas pipelines. Being a federal agency separate from the Department of Transportation, NTSB focuses on investigating accidents to identify safety concerns and provide recommendations to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

The National Transportation Safety Board may need 12 to 24 months to publish its second and final report on the explosions and safety measures related to Clara Barbour’s death.

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