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Father Sentenced after Biting Newborn Daughter Multiple times, Citing ‘Ungrateful’ Behavior and little B*tch in Indiana

Father Sentenced after Biting Newborn Daughter Multiple times, Citing ‘Ungrateful’ Behavior and little B*tch in Indiana

Indianapolis, IN: A father from Indiana is going to prison for allegedly biting his newborn daughter, leaving wounds on her body where her teeth were visible, and then rationalizing his actions by saying she was “ungrateful.”

According to court records, 26-year-old Gavan Rogers admitted in court on March 28 that he was guilty of domestic abuse that caused physical harm to a juvenile.

Rogers received a three-year prison term, with the possibility of an additional year spent on supervised probation, due to the terms of his plea deal.

A police probable cause statement states that in November 2022, Rogers and a woman brought a baby who was two weeks old to a hospital in Indianapolis.

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Washington Times Herald reports that the hospital notified the Indiana Department of Child Services about “mouth-shaped” bruises and teeth marks on the newborn’s shoulder, forearms, stomach, knee, and leg. Reports indicate that when asked about the bruising, Rogers allegedly informed hospital staff that he might have “open-mouth kissed” the child too forcefully.

Following his examination of the bite images, Whitestown Police Detective Joseph Turney stated in the affidavit that the “injuries could only have been inflicted while using excessive force, which would have caused severe pain to the [victim],” as reported by the Times Herald.

Upon hearing Rogers call the kid names like “ungrateful,” “evil,” and a “little bitch,” the hospital’s nursing staff expressed their reluctance to release the child to him, according to an affidavit acquired by the outlets. They also noticed that whenever the infant cried, Rogers appeared irritated.

According to the publications, one nurse expressed her unease about leaving the baby’s care with the father in a report.

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The father, Rogers, told the police he wanted to give the infant “love bites” but “nibbled too hard” on her while she was still wearing her clothes.

Accusations of violence and mistreatment of a dependent led to Rogers’ arrest on March 14, 2023, according to the publication. According to court records, Rogers was given credit for the nine months he spent at the Boone County Community Corrections and the three months he spent in the Boone County Jail.

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