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Family Members Indicted after they Smuggled Minors for Domestic Labour in Illinois

Family Members Indicted after they Smuggled Minors for Domestic Labour in Illinois

Chicago, Illinois: The court sentenced three siblings- Domingo Francisco-Juan, 44; Lorenza Domingo-Castaneda, 35; and Catarina Domingo-Juan, 41 on several charges including human trafficking.

Domingo Francisco – Received a life sentence for the crimes of kidnapping, forced labor, and conspiracy to conduct those crimes. In addition, the court mandated that Francisco compensate the victim with $50,000.

Twenty years in jail and over $80,000 in compensation were handed down to 35-year-old Lorenza Domingo-Castaneda, his codefendant, for forced labor and conspiracy to commit forced labor.

Three victims were ordered to pay more than $80,000 in reparations after a third defendant, 41-year-old Catarina Domingo-Juan, was earlier sentenced to 240 months in prison for forced labor and conspiracy to commit forced labor on Dec. 18, 2023.

Court records indicate that between 2015 and 2021, the siblings Domingo-Castaneda and Domingo-Juan plotted to hire a child from Guatemala to labor in their houses in the United States.

After misleading the victim’s mother into believing that the minor would benefit from better educational and employment possibilities in the US if she allowed Francisco-Juan to accompany her, the victim was brought to the US. After pretending to government officials that she was the victim’s relative, Domingo-Juan was granted custody of the kid.

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As a result of the defendants’ actions, the juvenile victim was separated from her family and forced to work nonstop for their profit, rather than being given the opportunity to receive an education and possibilities in the US. Francisco-Juan reaped the benefits of the victim’s domestic services while Domingo-Castaneda and Domingo-Juan pocketed the victim’s earnings from her job outside the home.

From December 2018 through March 2021, according to court records, Domingo-Castaneda and Domingo-Juan planned to force an adult victim and a juvenile victim to work in their houses and at local businesses.

The second child victim was enticed to leave her mother and travel to the United States by Domingo-Castaneda, just like the first child victim, by false promises of a better life and education.

Rather than delivering on her promises, Domingo-Castaneda and Domingo-Juan coerced the adult and minor victims into performing domestic tasks around their homes and demanded that they give them all of the money they earned from local jobs.

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