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Family Left Devastated After Son Shot Dead in a Road Rage Incident

Family Left Devastated After Son Shot Dead in a Road Rage Incident

Los Angeles: A family is left devastated after their son was shot dead in a road rage incident on Friday. The incident happened in Southern California.

Around 7:30 p.m., sheriff’s deputies on Sierra Highway in Lancaster responded to a complaint of a gunshot victim. They found a 4-year-old child had been wounded in the upper torso, according to a news release from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office (LASD).

His parents took him to the hospital right away, where he passed away from his wounds. The authorities have not revealed the identity of the deceased boy.
The family was traveling on the interstate when the suspect, according to the LASD announcement, cut them off and started to chase them through some neighborhoods.

As the victims slowed down, the assailant approached them from behind and emptied his gun. A bullet hit the little child who was in the rear seat.

The suspect’s vehicle was found “in the immediate area,” according to LASD.

Following the boy’s death, two persons were taken into custody. A 29-year-old Black male is one of the suspects, and a 27-year-old White female is the other. The authorities have not disclosed the identities of the suspects.

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