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Family Considers Exhuming Loved One To Find Missing Organs Alabama

Family Considers Exhuming Loved One To Find Missing Organs Alabama

Mobile, AL: A South Alabama family is grappling with a difficult decision – whether to exhume the body of a cherished family member. The family of Kelvin Moore, a state prison inmate, is determined to find out if the organs in his casket truly belong to him or someone else. They are unable to find peace until this uncertainty is resolved.

Simone, the son of Moore, made a lengthy journey from Mobile to UAB Hospital in Birmingham to retrieve the organs that were taken out during an autopsy, but unfortunately were not given back with his body. The cause remains unknown. Simone Moore was given his brother’s organs, which were delivered in a container enclosed in a plastic red biohazard bag. Upon his arrival at the funeral home, Moore was overwhelmed and collapsed under the weight of the situation. “I experienced the immense burden,” he described.

According to officials from Limestone Correctional Facility, his brother Kelvin passed away due to a fentanyl overdose. An autopsy was conducted at UAB over the weekend of July 22nd, 2023, as confirmed by the family. They were informed that his body could be collected on the upcoming Monday.

“His organs were taken without our consent after his passing.” “They didn’t inquire,” commented Moore. He shared that his father was devastated and passed away following Kelvin’s death. The father requested his son to investigate the status of Kelvin’s organs. “That is absolutely despicable,” remarked Simone Moore.

We inquired with Moore about his certainty regarding the organs he received at UAB. The individual acknowledged their lack of knowledge regarding the contents of the container, as they refrained from breaking the seal. The bag was buried with Kelvin.

The family explained Kelvin got in with a bad crowd and drugs. He was incarcerated for charges related to attempted murder, burglary, and assault. But he was working to turn his life around earning multiple certificates while in prison and teaching GED classes.

The family was in regular contact with him. However, concerns arose regarding Kelvin’s well-being in Alabama’s prisons known for their high levels of violence. Last year, ADOC experienced a significant increase in the number of deaths, reaching a record-breaking total of 325. When Kelvin was assaulted and forced legal action, Moore believes his brother became a target. He was transferred to Limestone.

The family has expressed their intention to pursue legal action. “It needs to come to an end.” We don’t want this to happen to another family,” said Moore. He said a call from a prison official to the funeral home about the family retrieving the organs from UAB raised further suspicion about the motives. It seemed they were trying to persuade the family not to pick up the organs according to Moore.

2 Sisters Killed, Half-Brother and 2 Others Arrested in Alabama

Another disturbing incident has come to light involving the Alabama Department of Corrections and the disappearance of organs from deceased individuals under their care. This marks the third such case in just two months, leaving families devastated and seeking answers. One has resulted in a federal lawsuit filed by the family of Brandon Dotson who was missing his heart when his body arrived at a funeral home.

UAB was mentioned in that lawsuit. Testimony revealed its pathology department was not involved in that autopsy. The University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital has been chosen to conduct autopsies for the Alabama Department of Corrections. According to a spokesperson, no criminal cases are sent to UAB. Those go to the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences.

New legislation signed by Governor Kay Ivey in 2021 prohibits doctors and forensic researchers from removing organs without notifying the next of kin. A mother from Baldwin County advocated for the legislation after her 17-year-old son tragically passed away from a brain aneurysm. She learned her son’s heart was taken without her permission. He was not a state inmate.

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