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Excessive Force Claim Against CHP by Relatives of Man Shot On Freeway 105

Excessive Force Claim Against CHP by Relatives of Man Shot On Freeway 105

Following a struggle on the 105 Motorway in Watts, relatives of a man who was seen on camera being fatally shot by a California Highway Patrol officer announced legal action against the law enforcement organization today, claiming excessive use of force.

On 19 November, Jesse Dominguez was shot by a CHP officer in the afternoon when he was spotted walking on Freeway 105 near Wilmington Avenue.

The CHP claims that he refused to comply despite the officer’s repeated verbal attempts to talk him out of the traffic lanes. The CHP halted all westbound traffic on the motorway.

According to the CHP, Dominguez was able to access a stun gun he had with him, activate it, and use it against the officer during the struggle that broke out on the motorway as the officer approached him.

CHP released a statement clarifying the incident. According to the statement, “Following the pedestrian’s use of the weapon against the officer, and in fear for his safety, the officer fired his service weapon, striking the pedestrian.”

The injury proved to be fatal as Dominguez died at the hospital. Attorney Luis Carrillo said that the officer responsible for the death of a mentally unstable Dominguez should face criminal charges.

According to the family, Dominguez was residing at a sober living facility and battled bipolar depression and substance abuse.

A bystander recorded a video that prompted responses from many persons in the authority.

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