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Ex-Orlando Cop Not Indicted by Grand Jury after He Shot Unarmed Driver Dead in Florida

Ex-Orlando Cop Not Indicted by Grand Jury after He Shot Unarmed Driver Dead in Florida

Orlando, FL: A Florida Ex-Cop was not indicted by a grand jury in Orlando after he shot an unarmed driver dead in Orlando.

The grand jury in Florida’s Orange County has decided not to press charges against a former Orlando police officer in connection with the July shooting death of a 26-year-old man.

State Attorney Andrew Bain sent a news release on Monday stating that the grand jury, after hearing “all relevant evidence,” chose not to charge Jose Velez, a former Orlando cop, with the shooting that killed Derek Diaz.

The press announcement stated, “Charges against the officer were not believed to be legally appropriate” by an Orange County grand jury.

On July 3, at about 2 in the morning, the incident in Orlando. The Orlando Police bodycam footage from last year shows an officer shooting Diaz as soon as he approached.

The video shows an officer making his way to the side of the vehicle where Diaz is sitting, in the driver’s seat.

The officer opens the car door and tells Diaz to put his hands on the driving wheel after a brief conversation with Diaz, who seems to be obeying. Just as Diaz goes for the center console of the car with his right hand, the cop lets out a shot that sounds like a single bullet.

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Authorities stated alongside the body camera footage that following Diaz’s shooting, he hurled something out of the car window “that was later identified as narcotics.”

According to the police, their inquiry of the vehicle did not turn up any firearms or other weapons.

Shortly after the confrontation, Diaz was sent to the hospital, where he succumbed to his gunshot wound.

Orlando Police Chief Eric Smith stated at a post-shooting press conference that three officers were engaged in a “proactive patrol” when they encountered Diaz. This was in reaction to the downtown area’s reputation as a “hotspot for criminal activity.”

A paid administrative leave was granted to Velez following the incident. In November, he stepped down from his position for reasons “not about this incident,” as stated in a statement from Orlando police on Tuesday. Additional information was not provided by the statement.

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