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Ex-Mafia Leader Killed in DOT Truck Accident in New York: New York Police Department Reveals

Ex-Mafia Leader Killed in DOT Truck Accident in New York: New York Police Department Reveals

New details have emerged about the tragic incident involving an 86-year-old man in Brooklyn. It has come to light that the victim was a former acting captain for the Genovese crime family.

Anthony Conigliaro, a former member of the mafia, passed away on June 12 due to an unfortunate incident involving a city Department of Transportation truck, according to his lawyers and law-enforcement sources.

“He spent his life looking over his shoulder but he forgot to look both ways before crossing the street,” one police source said.

Prior to Conigliaro’s tragic demise, he seemingly led a solitary existence in a modest apartment building located in Bay Ridge on Dahlgren Place.

A neighbor informed The Post that Conigliaro, a father of two, consistently showed concern for the well-being of those around him.

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However, the neighbor was unaware of Conigliaro’s previous history, which involved ties to organized crime and a long-standing racketeering case dating back almost two decades.

In 2005, Brooklyn federal prosecutors made allegations against Conigliaro. According to court documents, Conigliaro had been involved in the wholesale cake business, selling sweets in the New York City area, and also operated an Italian ice and gelato stand in Little Italy. The prosecutors claimed that Conigliaro was associated with the Genovese crime family.

According to a four-count indictment obtained by The Post, it has been alleged that Conigliaro was involved in loan sharking activities for the Genovese.

According to court records, he ultimately pleaded guilty to a charge of racketeering conspiracy and was sentenced to 13 months.

According to sources, Conigliaro has had previous encounters with the law, including an arrest in 1999 for criminal usury and another arrest in 2006 for grand larceny. The details of the latter case have been sealed.

The Post was unable to reach out to Conigliaro’s family despite multiple attempts.

Mathew Mari, a well-established attorney with ties to organized crime, shared that Conigliaro, whom he affectionately referred to as “Tony Cheesecake,” found success in the dessert industry following his release from prison.

Disturbing footage from the crash depicted the tragic scene of Conigliaro’s body severely damaged, with his head separated from the rest of his body. A DOT driver, who was operating a city truck at the time, appeared visibly upset and overwhelmed as the elderly man disregarded a traffic light while attempting to cross the street.

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