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Ex-Cop Pleaded Guilty for the Homicide of 12-year-old Boy in Philadelphia

Ex-Cop Pleaded Guilty for the Homicide of 12-year-old Boy in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PN: Former police officer Edsaul Mendoza pleaded guilty to the third-degree murder of a 12-year-old boy. The Ex-cop is now a subject for a maximum forty-year prison sentence.

In the death of 12-year-old Thomas “TJ” Siderio, former Philadelphia police officer Edsaul Mendoza has entered a guilty plea to the charge of homicide.

As per a plea agreement with the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, Mendoza entered into a guilty plea on charges of third-degree murder and possession of a criminal instrument, as reported by NBC10 Philadelphia.

In connection with the shooting of Siderio in March 2022, Mendoza was initially indicted on accusations of first-degree murder and voluntary manslaughter charges.

Authorities say that the kid discharged a gunshot in the direction of an unmarked police vehicle. He soon fled from the scene after he shot the round. Mendoza, according to prosecutors, pursued Siderio, at which point the preteen threw the pistol he was carrying and fell to the ground.

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According to the prosecution, Siderio was unarmed and lying on the ground when Mendoza shot him in the back from “relatively close range,” as reported by the media.

The Citizens Police Oversight Commission issued the following statement in conjunction with Mendoza’s guilty plea: “This will hopefully bring an end to a distressing period that has been endured by his family and the community.”

NBC10 Philadelphia reports that Mendoza could potentially serve between seven and a half and forty years in prison. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that his sentencing is slated for July.

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