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Earthquake Hit Southern Utah Friday Morning, No Damage Reported

Earthquake Hit Southern Utah Friday Morning, No Damage Reported

CEDAR CITY, Utah: A small earthquake that shook the region around Cedar City early on Friday, December 1st, may have awakened residents in the southeast corner in the middle of the night.

The earthquake, which had a Richter value of 3.9, happened on Friday morning shortly after midnight, according to the University of Utah Seismograph Stations. The epicenter of the earthquake was near Kanarraville, approximately 17 miles south of Cedar City.

An aftershock occurred soon after the earthquake. The aftershock, which measured 2.6 in magnitude, was less powerful, according to UUSS. No damage by the earthquake has been reported.

According to UUSS, Cedar City and the surrounding areas felt the full impact of the earthquake.150 individuals reported experiencing the ground tremor as of Friday morning.

UUSS claims that earthquakes aren’t particularly unusual in the region. Since 1962, 21 earthquakes with a magnitude of at least 3.0 have occurred within 16 miles of Friday’s epicenter. The earthquake that occurred on Friday at midnight was also located within 20 miles of the 5.9-magnitude earthquake that shook Washington in September 1992.

Residents in the vicinity of the epicenter are frequently affected by earthquakes of a magnitude of 3.9, but any damage that occurs is usually minimal, according to Michigan Tech University. Globally, an estimated 500,000 of these earthquakes occur each year.

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