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Drunk Teacher Molested Student in South Carolina; Found Guilty as He Confessed that He Tried to Forcibly Kiss Student: Docs

Drunk Teacher Molested Student in South Carolina; Found Guilty as He Confessed that He Tried to Forcibly Kiss Student: Docs

A man from South Carolina and former teacher has confessed to enticing a student into a classroom and securing the door due to his desire to kiss her, while under the influence of alcohol, as stated by District Attorney R. Andrew Murray.

John Brian Taylor, 51, of Landrum, has been convicted of taking indecent liberties with a student, according to recent reports.

Murray stated that the Polk County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina initiated an investigation on Nov. 15, 2022, after receiving a report of a student being subjected to inappropriate touching by Taylor.

According to law enforcement, they have examined the school’s security video monitoring system and have verified that the victim fled from Taylor’s classroom during the reported assault.

Following a discussion with school resource officers and administrative faculty, law enforcement took Taylor into custody.

During Taylor’s time in custody, details were obtained from their jail calls where they confessed to making inappropriate comments to a student, as reported by Murray.

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Officials report that Taylor, a former business teacher at Polk County High School, was suspended after being arrested and has subsequently resigned from his role and surrendered his teaching license.

As part of the trial proceedings, Polk County School System Superintendent Aaron Greene was summoned to provide testimony regarding a conversation he had with Taylor on the day of the incident. During this conversation, Greene testified that Taylor confessed to luring the teenage student into his classroom, where he proceeded to turn off the lights, pull down the door shade, lock the door, and forcefully pull the victim towards him by grabbing her waist.

When questioned about the reason, Taylor stated that he desired to kiss her as reported by WJCL News.

Taylor testified in his own defense, aiming to persuade the jury that his level of alcohol impairment during the incident prevented him from being aware of his actions and, consequently, unable to form the required criminal intent to commit the offense of taking indecent liberties with a student.

The jury reached a guilty verdict in less than three hours of deliberation.

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