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Drunk Driver Slammed Car Killing a Couple in Kentucky; Driver Arrested; Young Daughter and Family Reeling with Grief after Tragic Loss

Drunk Driver Slammed Car Killing a Couple in Kentucky; Driver Arrested; Young Daughter and Family Reeling with Grief after Tragic Loss

Tragedy strikes as a mother and her boyfriend lose their lives in a devastating accident caused by a suspected drunk driver. The incident occurred shortly after they had dropped off the mother’s daughter at summer camp in Kentucky. The families involved are left in shock and grief.

A tragic incident occurred on June 9, resulting in the loss of Meagan Spurgeon, 30, and her boyfriend Joshua Turza, 32. According to Kentucky State Police, the crash was caused by a 47-year-old man named Jody Miller, who was driving under the influence and collided with their car during a police pursuit.

Spurgeon’s family expressed in a GoFundMe fundraiser that their lives have been forever changed. The fundraiser was set up to support her 7-year-old daughter financially.

The family fondly remembers Spurgeon as a cherished daughter, mother, and friend, and expresses their deep sorrow over her untimely departure.

According to the outlet, police have estimated that Miller was driving at an extremely high speed of 150 miles per hour when he collided with the back of the Ohio couple’s car.

Kentucky State Police released a statement stating that troopers observed Miller driving his BMW at high speeds on I-75 and made an effort to apprehend him. Miller quickly evaded the troopers, who eventually lost track of the vehicle and decided to end the chase, according to the police statement.

The trooper who had been pursuing Miller arrived at the crash site, where Spurgeon and Turza were tragically declared deceased.

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“He was driving at such a high speed that they were unable to apprehend him, and shortly after, her cell phone received a notification indicating that they had been involved in a collision,” shared Spurgeon’s mother, Darla, with Fox 8. She tearfully recounted the incident. Upon the officers’ arrival, the car had already been consumed by a fierce blaze, leaving them unable to take any action.

Miller was taken into custody at the scene and is facing multiple charges, including operating a motor vehicle under the influence, vehicular homicide while driving under the influence of alcohol, endangering a police officer, evading the police, and speeding, according to Kentucky State Police.

According to a report by PEOPLE, Miller is currently being held on a bail amount of $1 million in Grant County, Kentucky.

According to Spurgeon’s family, she recently completed her nursing education and secured a position at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic. According to the outlet, she recently purchased a home for herself and her young daughter.

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