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Drugs Seized in RV With 2 Arrests in Los Angeles

Drugs Seized in RV With 2 Arrests in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA; Two individuals were apprehended by Los Angeles police officers for allegedly engaging in illicit drug sales from a recreational vehicle situated near a homeless encampment in San Pedro.

Recently, officers from the Los Angeles Police Department conducted a search warrant in Hollywood. This operation eventually led them to an RV parked on the 900 block of South Beacon Avenue, an area that is notorious for drug-related crimes according to the police.

According to the police, the RV did not serve as a residence for any homeless individuals. Instead, the two men utilized it exclusively to participate in narcotics sales and consumption.

Authorities obtained a search warrant for the vehicle, resulting in the discovery of 439 grams of powder cocaine, 29 grams of cocaine base, an unregistered handgun, and a substantial amount of cash totaling $147,987.

According to the United States Department of Justice, a cocaine base is cocaine hydrochloride that has been transformed into a smokeable chemical base state.

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Two individuals from Los Angeles have been apprehended by the police due to their suspected involvement with an RV and an illicit drug operation.

The individuals have been identified as Tony Walden, aged 55, and Marlon Price, aged 56.

Both individuals were taken into custody and subsequently released, with a court date scheduled for Feb. 26, according to jail records. They are each facing a range of drug charges in connection with the seized narcotics.

The investigation is still ongoing and it is important for anyone with information to reach out to the LAPD Rampart Area Narcotics Enforcement Detail at 213-484-3674. If you have any information, you can choose to remain anonymous by submitting tips online or by calling 1-800-222-8477.

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