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Drugs Busted in Stolen Car, Woman Arrested in Oklahoma

Drugs Busted in Stolen Car, Woman Arrested in Oklahoma

According to the Sand Springs Police Department, a Tulsa lady was taken into custody when officers found a significant quantity of drugs, cash, and firearms inside a stolen U-Haul.

Megan Statum, 32, of Tulsa was taken into custody over the weekend, according to Sand Springs police, who posted on social media that she was allegedly selling drugs out of a U-Haul that had been reported stolen.

The U-Haul parked behind the Hampton Inn was the subject of an inspection by police officials on Saturday. According to the police, they took five persons into custody who were close to the U-Haul. They told the authorities at that point that they were going to get drugs from Statum.

The Sand Springs Police Department reports that after searching the U-Haul, officers found more than 500 grams (more than one pound) of meth, 230 grams (more than half a pound) of fentanyl powder, 350 fentanyl pills, four weapons, and more than $12,000 in cash.

Police claimed they also discovered digital scales, various drug paraphernalia, money-counting machines, and pills packaged for sale that contained both hydrocodone and oxycodone.

According to authorities, 230,000 milligrams of fentanyl were found, which translates to approximately 115,000 deadly dosages.

Statum is charged with multiple offenses, such as possessing a stolen car, possessing a firearm, and trafficking in meth and fentanyl.

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