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Drug charges against former Mississippi Mayor, This is his 3rd Arrest on Multiple Charges

Drug charges against former Mississippi Mayor, This is his 3rd Arrest on Multiple Charges

Aberdeen, MS: The former Mayor of Aberdeen, Maurice Howard, was arrested on drug charges. This arrest adds one more crime to his list of crimes.

Maurice Howard was removed from his position for misappropriating funds from City Hall.

The mayor from Mississippi has been sentenced to four years in jail for breaching the conditions of his suspended sentence related to previous offenses.

The ex-mayor admitted to embezzlement during his tenure and possessed an undisclosed set of probation conditions to adhere to. He was removed from office following an investigation that revealed he misappropriated city funds for personal expenses on his travels.

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He utilized the funds he obtained from the city for conferences and other political gatherings. Howard was dismissed from his role without receiving a prison sentence for the embezzlement.

Howard has a prior arrest record. He was arrested during a drug bust in Monroe County last year. Police conducted raids on two distinct CBD establishments on December 21, 2023. Multiple individuals were arrested in connection to the incident.

The police reports stated that the defendants arrested during the raids included Daniel Sanders, who was charged with the sale of narcotics. Kenyatta Howard was charged with possession of narcotics with intent to distribute. Maurice Howard was charged with selling narcotics and possessing narcotics with intent to distribute, while Vernon Harrison was accused with selling narcotics.

Howard has been sentenced to four years in the Department of Corrections for his offenses, followed by a five-year probation period.

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Sheriff Kevin Crook of Mississippi stated that the four individuals were apprehended during a raid at The Gas Station on Commerce Street in Aberdeen. The Gas Station is situated just across from City Hall, where Maurice Howard once held the position of mayor of Aberdeen.

The stores on Main Street were raided simultaneously due to allegations of illegal marijuana sales.

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