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Driver Crashed Tesla into a Convenience Store, Charged with DUI

Driver Crashed Tesla into a Convenience Store, Charged with DUI

Putnam County, New York: A Tesla driver crashed his car into a convenience store at a gas station in Putnam County on Wednesday morning.

The driver allegedly crashed his vehicle at around 12:18 a.m. at the Par Mar store. The location of the crash is 2725 Winfield Road in St. Albans. The store suffered heavy damage after the crash.

Officials from the Par Mar company say that a one- to two-week store closure is anticipated to repair the store after the crash.

The employees at the store called for help. The driver had fled from the accident site before the authorities arrived. When authorities looked into the registration of the car, they found the owner.

The owner of the crashed vehicle is Brandon Ferrari. When the Tesla unexpectedly crashed through the front doors, the driver fled behind the store and into the woods, according to the Par Mar employees who were there when the collision occurred and reported it to the deputies.

The criminal complaint claims that shortly after, the car’s passenger crawled out and crossed the street to a bar. Deputies stated that various surveillance camera angles supported the testimony of witnesses.

When the authorities reached the owner, the owner was showing signs of intoxication. He also refused to say that he was the alleged driver who crashed the car into the store.

Ferrari disobeyed the deputy’s orders to put his hands behind his back and instead put them in his pockets, according to the criminal complaint.

Brandon resisted the arrest, and two other officials had to assist the arresting official. Ferrari is facing charges of DUI, leaving the scene of an accident, and destruction of property.

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