Dollar General Price Infraction Spree: To Pay  $1.2M For Settlement

Dollar General Price Infraction Spree: To Pay  $1.2M For Settlement

The national discount chain Dollar General, which runs 186 stores in New Jersey, has reached a settlement with the Office of Weights and Management of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs worth $1.2 million.
The settlement deals with an ongoing streak of price infractions at New Jersey’s Dollar General locations. OWM inspections from 2018 to 2022 resulted in $43,678 in fines for the retailer. The Division of Consumer Affairs Acting Director, Cari Fais, expressed her displeasure with Dollar General for consistently overcharging.

“Dollar General claims to provide everyday essentials at affordable prices in communities often underserved by other retailers, but time and time again the chain has been caught overcharging customers through deceptive pricing tactics,” Cari Fais, acting director of the state Division of Consumer Affairs, said in a press release.

During its November 2022 and February 2023 inspections of 58 stores, the Office of Weights and Management found over 2,000 cases of merchandise being priced higher at the register than it was on the shelves. The office claimed that in certain instances, the prices at the register were $5.95 higher.

Dollar General is also required by the settlement to pay the Division’s legal fees and investigative expenses. In order to prevent similar infractions in the future, the company must change its business practices. These changes, mandated by a Consent Order, include price training for New Jersey employees, compliance with laws, three-year internal audits, and the submission of reports and action plans in the event that audits are unsuccessful.

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