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Dognapping Incidents On Rise in DC; 2 More Dogs Reported Stolen

Dognapping Incidents On Rise in DC; 2 More Dogs Reported Stolen

Officers from the D.C. Police Department are currently searching for the individuals involved in two distinct incidents as they attempt to locate the dogs and return them to their owners.

The first incident reported the theft of a French Bulldog. His name is Tyson, but he also responds to “Cheese.” This is the 2nd incidence of French Bulldog Theft.

A burglar broke into the window of a house on Galveston Place Southwest on Monday, committing the first dog theft. At approximately 5:50 p.m. that night, the intruder broke into the house, stole an unidentified item and a dog, and fled.

Another dognapping incident was reported by a woman on Saturday.

A Southeast D.C. woman put her dog Mocha up for sale on the internet on Friday afternoon, right before three o’clock in the afternoon.

When the suspect and a second person arrived at the 3300 block of 14th Place SE, the robber took the puppy from the woman, even though he had contacted her online to purchase Mocha. One of the two individuals flashed a firearm and threatened to shoot her when she tried to take back her dog.

Police stated the woman left after dialing 911.

Mocha, a 1-year-old beige French bulldog, has had her stomach surgically scarred by a C-section. She also has a microchip, the police news release said.

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