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Discover The 5 Most Dangerous Cities in Virginia

Discover The 5 Most Dangerous Cities in Virginia

Virginia, renowned for its breathtaking scenery, extensive history, and friendly southern culture, is a state that charms everyone. Its proximity to DC can also act as a magnet for tourists. Virginia has a lot to offer, yet despite this, there are several cities with high rates of property and violent crime.

Here, we have compiled the 5 most dangerous cities in the state of Virginia that even locals dread to live in. Go through the list and make sure to keep yourself safe whenever you visit any of these cities.


Portsmouth is Virginia’s most dangerous city. Nestled over the Elizabeth River from Norfolk, this 97,915-person city has an especially high violent crime rate.

Portsmouth’s crime rate is 228% greater than the state of Virginia’s average, meaning that its citizens have a 1 in 19 risk of falling victim to any kind of crime. A total of 4,429 crimes were committed in 2022, comprising 3,007 theft incidents, 36 murders, 138 robberies, and 529 assaults.


Norfolk is another most dangerous city in Virginia. This city is home to the largest naval station in the world, but still, the crime in the city is over the roof.

Norfolk’s overall crime rate is 43 percent greater than the national average at 3,354 per 100,000. There is a lot of violent and property crime in Norfolk, even beyond the military installation. 9,850 crimes total—63 murders and 1,364 instances of assault—were reported in the past year alone.


One of Virginia’s most dangerous cities is Richmond, which also happens to be the state capitol. Its crime rate is 39% higher than the national average. The average crime rate in the city is 3,270 per 100,000.

The number of violent and property offenses in Richmond in 2022 was 7,703. 90 homicides, 267 robberies, 534 assaults, and 711 burglaries were included in this total. The statistics indicate that the state’s capital is one of the riskiest cities to live in the state.

South Boston

Another city that makes it to the list is South Boston. Over the previous 20 years, South Boston’s population has consistently decreased due to the city’s poor economy and poverty.

The likelihood of becoming a victim of any crime in South Boston is one in twenty-eight, with a total crime rate of 3,587 offenses committed per 100,000 residents.


The historic town of Fredericksburg was the scene of the Fredericksburg Battle in the American Civil War. It’s also among the riskiest areas of Virginia to call home.

Fredericksburg’s population has a 1 in 33 risk of becoming a victim of any kind of crime, with a total crime rate of 3,129 per 100,000. Fredericksburg recorded 947 crimes in total in 2022, of which 153 were violent and 794 were property-related.

The Final Note

Safety is one of the humans’ basic needs to live happily. The above-mentioned list of cities will help you to be extra cautious. Just pay attention to your surroundings and possessions and avoid interacting needlessly with strangers if you want to be extra cautious.

Check the internet to see if any municipalities or the state have released fraud advisories. Till then, enjoy the natural landscapes of the state and dive into the local activities that the state offers to its visitors.

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