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Discover The 5 Most Dangerous Cities in Ohio

Discover The 5 Most Dangerous Cities in Ohio

Ever wondered which are the most dangerous cities in America’s midwestern state? Yes or No, whatever your response is, the real answer is here. While there are many energetic cities in Ohio, there are also a handful that might be regarded as somewhat dangerous.

Ohio’s most dangerous cities were determined by utilizing the most recent FBI crime statistics on property and violent crimes committed per capita. Here are the Five Most Dangerous Cities in Ohio.

So scroll down and discover the cities in which you need to take extra precautions and if you know someone who lives in Ohio or plans to move to Ohio, send them the post ASAP.


Cleveland is the most dangerous city in Ohio. With 367,991 residents, the city has an extremely high rate of violent crime. Cleveland has a crime rate that is 4.3 times higher nationally and 5.5 times higher in Ohio than the state average.

Cleveland’s high unemployment rate, widespread poverty, and drug-related issues all contribute to the high crime rate in the area. Cleveland’s murder rate is among the highest in the country, and its citizens have a 1 in 59 chance of falling victim to a violent crime overall.

With 164 homicides, 1,505 robberies, and 4,280 assaults in the last year, Cleveland emerged as Ohio’s most violent city.


Canton, which has 70,000 residents, has a crime rate that is 168% higher than the national average of 6,293 per 100,000. Canton saw more than 1,000 violent incidents last year, including 729 assaults, 155 robberies, and 16 murders.

Sadly, Canton’s problems don’t stop there. It has the second-highest rate of violent crime overall and the third-highest rate of rape charges in the state.

With a 30% poverty rate and a 10% unemployment rate, Canton is among the poorest cities in Ohio.


Portsmouth is yet another Ohio city that ranks among the deadliest. This city is situated on the Ohio River’s north bank. Compared to the national average, the city is 128% more dangerous due to its 20,000 citizens and 5,360 crimes committed per 100,000 residents.

The 35% poverty rate in Portsmouth—which is more than 105% greater than the national average—makes it one of the poorest cities in Ohio.

The highest drug overdose rate in the state is seen in Scioto County, Portsmouth. The county has seen a notable increase in Hepatitis C cases due to issues resulting from drug abuse. All these factors and statistics make Portsmouth one of the most dangerous cities to live in Ohio.


According to FBI figures, there were 493 violent crimes and 5,060 property crimes committed in Springfield. It has a population of somewhat more than 59,000.

Springfield is 143% more dangerous than the US average and 164% more dangerous than the Ohio average due to its 5,711 crimes per 100,000 residents. Poverty and a lack of employment prospects impact the community, as they do many other Ohio cities.

Due in part to the city’s 23% poverty and 8.9% unemployment rates, Springfield’s crime rates have been rising significantly. So, this is one of the cities that you might want to avoid if you are planning to move to Ohio.


The sixth-largest city in Ohio, Dayton, is the next stop. As per the FBI statistics, Dayton ranked fourth in the state for burglaries, with an average of almost two auto thefts per day.

At almost one murder per week on average, the city had Ohio’s second-highest murder rate. Dayton also ranked third in terms of total violent crime and had the 14th-highest rate of rape cases in the state.

Dayton is located in Montgomery County, which ranks eighth in the nation for the number of drug overdose deaths. One of the main causes of both violent and property crime in the city is issues with the drug trade. The city has a 29.6% poverty rate in addition to a 29.6% unemployment rate.

Final Takeaway

Besides Cleveland and the above-mentioned cities, other cities in Ohio with notably high crime rates include Whitehall, Mount Healthy, Cincinnati, and Akron. These cities have high rates of violent crimes, property crimes, or both. But it’s crucial to keep in mind that safety can differ from area to neighborhood even within these cities. So keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

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