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Discover The 5 Most Dangerous Cities in Oregon

Discover The 5 Most Dangerous Cities in Oregon

Oregon is a beautiful state with a variety of natural features, intriguing customs, and kind residents. However, there is a high crime rate in various areas of the state, particularly in the larger cities. Using FBI data on crimes in 2022, we will determine which five Oregon cities are the most dangerous in this post.

We will calculate each city’s violent and property crime rate per 100,000 residents and compare it to the state average. You’ll know more about how safe Oregon is and how it might impact locals and visitors after reading this article.


The most dangerous city in Oregon is Ontario. The city of Ontario is located in Malheur County, close to the border with Idaho. Ontario has 11,645 residents, making its overall crime rate 175% higher than the national average. Property crime is quite widespread in Ontario, with burglaries, larceny, and theft being the most common crimes.

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Portland, the most populous city in Oregon, serves as both the state’s main economic and tourism attraction. Despite this, Portland is facing more and more criminal issues. Portland has a population of 652,503, making its overall crime rate 168% higher than the national average.

Portland’s high crime rate is partly due to the city’s long-standing homelessness crisis. Locals claim that homes and cars are frequently broken into. Major issues in Portland also include drug abuse and an unhygienic environment.

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Coos Bay

Moreover, one of Oregon’s most deadly cities is Coos Bay. Coos Bay’s overall crime rate is 111% higher than the national average.

In Coos Bay, theft, vehicle theft, and burglary are the most prevalent forms of crime. Coos Bay is still a well-liked seaside tourist attraction and is well-known for its vast botanical gardens, despite some worries about crime.

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Because of its high rate of crime, Warrenton is yet another of Oregon’s worst places to live. Located in Clatsop County, Warrenton is a seaside community in Oregon. 6,277 people are living in this small city, and overall crime is 78% higher than the national average.

Although property crime is greater than the national average, violent crime is not a significant concern. The most prevalent crimes in the city are personal and property theft.

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The second-largest city in Oregon is also among the most dangerous cities in Oregon, with a total crime rate that’s 75% higher than the state average. Eugene has battled drug addiction for a long time, which adds to the high rate of property crime in the community.

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It’s crucial to remember, though, that crime statistics do not characterize a state or its people as a whole. Although Oregon is a diversified state with a lot to offer, it is advisable to avoid some of its cities due to their high crime rates. keep yourself safe and sound whenever you visit any of these cities.

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